Not all Secure Drives Were Created Equal

Red-ChainAccording to the Symantec 2013 Cost of Data Breach study, 66% of data breaches are caused by human error and system glitches. Data breaches can incur massive financial damages for organizations, and loss of peace of mind and trust in the eyes of individuals.

Finally, there’s an automatic and passive solution that addresses the weakness of endpoint security inherent in conventional data copy protection solutions (“fixes the broken chain”): securedUSB™.

securedUSB™ flash drives are unique portable data storage solutions with AES 256-bit storage volume encryption, engineered to provide the highest levels of hardware-based copy protection for sensitive personal and organizational data. There’s nothing else quite like them on the data security market.

At the heart of securedUSB™ copy protection (Data Fencing) technology is a password-protected, encrypted, and user-authenticated flash drive that fully prevents data contained within it from being emailed, copied, printed, screencaptured, or in any way extracted from it.

Once users log in and authenticate their credentials with the proper password, the encrypted data is automatically decrypted for use; users can edit, create, and work on files contained in the securedUSB™ key within the key for which they are given permissions, but they cannot extract any of the data from the USB key without proper clearance or administrative authority.

When the work session is complete, the user simply unplugs the key from the client computer, and data is automatically encrypted. There is never a footprint or trace left on the client device. Company data remains secure in the USB key – always.

securedUSB-5-Pack-shadowedThe securedUSB™ central management console makes it easy to set and manage group and individual policies, generate audit reports, and even perform remote data deletion in the event that the flash drive is stolen or lost.

To learn more, visit securedUSB™ solutions are available for purchase on the online store.

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